Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I did it.

After barely unpacking only to pack again for the past couple of years, it was time to really organize my supplies.  In this house, with 3 kids, I am not lucky enough to get my own room dedicated to crafting.  I was inspired by a friend who used an armoire for her scrap booking, so I found one on craigslist.  I'm a bit embarrassed to even show these photos, but here they are.

Before,  I had begun unpacking, even made a couple of quick projects, I had ordered new supplies and rubber, but I really hadn't done much with all this, except for to create a big mess in my kitchen.

Yes, basically since we moved in it has looked like this, no it was better, but slowly got worse.  THANKFULLY my girls left things alone.
Then we were hosting a BBQ this past weekend.  Eric had Friday off, and it was D day.

Much better!  Okay not ALL my stuff fits here, but this is the most used items.
Eric moved the keyboard slide out up so that the big space could be more effectively used.  My CM cup holder even fits with the doors closed.
Now, I only need to make time, my supplies are at my finger tips.  Ahhh.....

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martha said...

I like it!! You should get some stamping time in now-handy to a table, everything within easy reach. Congratulations.