Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a week

We have finished one week of Spring Break, of course that meant we spent hours and hours at the gym.  CJ mastered her cartwheel on the beam -be still my heart!  We also spent time at home, cleaning, folding laundry, making messes, cleaning messes, oh the normal day to day activities.  Not to be out done by some of the special activities we have done. However, I did get a few pictures taken and finally uploaded onto the computer. 

Did we have fun?  Did we stay busy?

You decide:

Not a single one flinched when I snapped pictures of them

If only they were actually sleeping.  I know it looks like they are sleeping.  What they are actually doing is recharging.  Recharging in the hope of what a new day brings.  Recharging with dreams of new games to play. Recharging and coming up with new schemes to keep momma on her toes.

Slumbering babes. Love it!