Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home Decor

This is the level 2 hostess option for Home Decor.  It was really fun and easy to create this mirror, which I found at Ross which means it was a deal!  However, I got so carried away that I put the lettering on the mirror upside down, so I can't actually hang it on a wall.  Oops!  I still love it and love what it adds to our home.

This is one I really wanted to share with you before, but without my camera I couldn't...then I had a baby and well now I'm finally posting it.  Stampin' Up! has released phase 3 of it's home decor line and more is to come including being able to customize your own phrases!  Very exciting!!!  The new catalog takes effect Jan. 19th, let me know if you would like your own personal copy.


Anonymous said...

I have wanted to do the mirror one for going away gifts or welcome gifts, good idea!!! Where did you get your mirror, that is a nice one!!! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Yeah, guess I should have read your entry first instaed of just looking at the pretty pictures. Ross ha? I will have to check them out. I need a catalog too when you get a chance!!!