Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moved/spring cleaning sale

Have I got a deal for you! Check out the following sets I have loved (meaning all are used, but still have lots of life in them!) Notice that all are drastically reduced from catalog price, and all are already put together for you. I will ship to your preference, but generally one stamp set is about $2 first class. I will use priority box for 4 or more sets, which will save you $$ --I'm all about finding a good deal. So make me one if you find sets that you MUST have!

Background Stamps: Each for a mere $8

Burst into bloom
Around & About
By Design
Confident Corners

Greetings & Alphabets: individually priced

Simple Wishes $8
Wonderful words II $15
Kanji $8
Lexicon of Love $10
On the Move $15
Alphabuilders $18

Seasonal and Everyday Sets:

Snowflakes $15
Perfect Plaids $11
DD Gorgeous Grapevine $20
Cute Critters $8
Simple Somethings $10
All the Best $15
Love ya Bunches $10
All I have Seen $10
Artifacts $15
Simply Circles $12
DD Serene Sunflower $22
All Around Argyle $15
DD Bold Butterfly $20
Watercolor Minis $12
Sleigh full of Toys $12
Simple Sketches $22
Haute Couture $15
Provencal $15
Around the block $10
Smorgasborders $12
The Shape of things $20
Travel Time $23
Going Buggy $15
Hanukkah $15
Just Journaling $10
All About Autumn $15
DD Fun Flowers $15.

I accept checks, Money Orders and CC. Thanks for looking.

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