Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stamper Spotlight

Welcome to my first stamper spotlight! You are talented, creative and making wonderful projects and I would love to showcase them for you. Appropriately enough, our first stamper used the Reverse Spotlight Technique to make this great valentine card. Bobbie M. is a stamper who took a bit of coaxing to even try stamping. She claimed to not be creative or have any creative skills. Several months later, she attended one of my Christmas card classes, as a way to get out of the house one evening, and she got hooked. Not only did she discover that she has skill, but that she also has creative talent! Fast forward a short 16 months later and she is involved with a monthly swap group, always trying new techniques, has hosted workshops, and only sends out homemade with love and care cards. Leave a comment, letting Bobbie know your thoughts on this beautiful card.

Thank you Bobbie for sharing and being an inspiration to others. Blog candy is on it's way.
If you would like to share your art work, send me a sample, and I'll send you blog candy!

1 comment:

MandySue said...

very elegant. I love it